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How to Generate Leads Through the Blog

Marketers aim to generate leads through the blog but often do not enrich the blogs with the right elements that would make it easier for the visitors to convert. Producing fresh content all year and not getting the desired leads can be frustrating.

While providing valuable information to the prospects is crucial, sharing it with the correct call to action is also essential. Brands must leverage content to achieve their conversion goals and witness good growth.

In this blog, I will share an easy way to generate leads through the blog. Using simple tools and understanding prospects’ online behaviour, you can figure out what is bringing in traction and how to convert it.

Analyse Blog Using Google Search Console to Generate Leads

Google search console is a tool which allows you to see how exactly views your website. It showcases indexed pages, monitors traffic on the website for different web pages, and provides various insights that help understand a website’s overall health.

Every website should get monitored regularly with the help of the Google Search Console. To make things easier, I will take the example of my website, Apexure. We will study how I use the blogs on Apexure to generate leads.

Below is an image of the Google Search Console for Apexure.

Google Search Console for Apexure

On the left-hand side, we have an option under the Performance section called ‘Search results’. When you click on it, a tab similar to the above image will open.

Google search console results

Here, scroll down and click on the pages tab.

Pages tab to generate leads

The tab will show you the web pages that bring traffic to your website.

Tap on the click option present on this tab.

Analyse GSC clicks to generate leads

After this step, the web pages will get arranged, and the page attracting the highest traffic will reach the top. In the case of Apexure, that blog was ‘How to create a landing page without a website. This blog has had 1221 visitors in the last three months.

Top blog pages of Apexure

Despite the traffic, we don’t generate many leads from this page. So, to generate leads through blogs, we first need to understand how visitors’ activity on a blog post.

Let’s examine the Apexure blog with the help of a tool called Crazy Egg.

Improve Blogs Using the Crazy Egg Heatmap Tool

The crazy egg is a SaaS tool that represents consumer behaviour on a particular website page through visuals, making it easier to understand. Clicks, scrolls, and every activity of the visitors are available to analyse through the tool.

Crazy Egg Heatmap Tool

It provides you with a vivid heatmap to improve the website’s performance.

Learn More- Heatmap for UX: Your Complete Guide for Better Conversions

So let’s see the scroll map of the Apexure blog ‘How to create a landing page without a website.

A scroll map shows the points on the web page where the visitors scrolled the most.

Using scroll map to generate leads through the blog
Generate leads through the blog using heatmap

The scroll map pinpoints the section of the blog where we have most of the visitors browsing up to. So we decided to add a form to this part of the blog. Brands can use form-generating tools like LeadGen or CovertBox to add conversion-focused forms on their websites.

With the help of ConvertBox, we added a form to the Apexure Blog. After setting this form up, we generated two leads in one week. It showcases the potential blogs have to make conversion easier.

Since then, we have changed the form several times. Currently, we wanted to use a lead magnet on the blog, so now the form looks like this:

Lead generation form of Apexure

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Ending Note

Anyone can generate leads through a blog if they know how to put their best first. By utilising the hidden potential of the blogs that are bringing in traffic to a website, marketers must not miss the opportunity for lead generation.

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Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure

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