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We appreciate your interest in contributing a guest post to our website. Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our readers.

To maintain a consistent and top-notch experience for our audience, kindly follow the guidelines outlined below when submitting your guest post.

1.  Quality Guidelines To Follow

To maximize your chances of having your guest post featured on our blog, it's crucial to ensure that your submission is:

Content must be 100% original, free from plagiarism.

Incorporate well-researched content with credible references.

Keep content relevant, clear, and easily understandable.

Pitch only topics aligned with our website's focus and audience.

2.  Guest Post Guidelines

To maximize your chances of having your guest post featured on our blog, it's crucial to ensure that your submission is:

The guest post should be a minimum of 1500 words.

Ensure content is plagiarism-free and grammatically correct.

Avoid promotional content; linking to product pages requires approval.

Use Structure content with headings (H1, H2, H3, H4) with 50–60 characters.

Use the target keyword in the title, opening paragraph, and throughout the piece.

Back claims with links to credible research or case studies, no competitor or irrelevant links.

Add 1 do-follow link for your site.

Don't include stock images; our design team will handle hero images. You may include original images and screenshots if necessary for the piece.

A short author bio ( 1-2 sentences), headshot, and Social media links of the author are a must.

3.  Topics we are interested in

We craft informative articles tailored to marketers and entrepreneurs, covering various topics that empower and inform So, make sure your guest posts cover the following topics:

SaaS Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

SaaS Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing and Trends

B2B SaaS Marketing

Website conversion rate optimization

B2B sales funnel

Please refer to the existing posts to gain insight into our favorite topics, content layouts, language, and tone preferences.

Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities:

We recommend using the following Google Advanced Search operators to identify potential guest blogging opportunities:

Keyword or Topic + “write for us” (e.g., "saas write for us")

Specific variations: Include variations like "contribute to our blog" or "guest post opportunity" alongside your keywords.

Combine keywords: Use quotes to search for exact phrases like "B2B marketing + write for us".

You can also omit the ‘+’ sign and check results.


tick image
SaaS + write for us
tick image
B2B marketing write for us
tick image
inbound marketing write for us
tick image
marketing write for us
tick image
write for us internet marketing
tick image
digital marketing write for us guest post

By incorporating these suggestions, you've strengthened the text by:

Providing more details about your content: Briefly explain what brands can expect from your guest posts on each topic.

Including variations in search queries: This increases the chances of finding relevant guest blogging opportunities.

Emphasizing the importance of reviewing existing content: This ensures your guest posts align with your editorial style.

What Benefits You Will Get?

You will get a do-follow backlink.

We will mention you on our social media sites and in our newsletter to 1,000+ engaged subscribers with a 34% monthly open rate and a 3% click-through rate.

Being featured as a guest in webinar sessions hosted by us can enhance a contributor's credibility and reputation as an expert in their field. This recognition can lead to more opportunities and speaking engagements.

How to Submit A Blog Post

Submit your guest post article at editor@waseembashir.com for review or contact us at content@waseembashir.com for link mention requests.

Our team will review the content to check If your article meets our editorial standards. This happens once a week or (2-3 days ).

We'll schedule you for publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can provide you with an exact publication date only when the article is nearing its final stages before going live.