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7 Best SaaS Websites in 2023: Improve Your Design & Conversions

The digital landscape is teeming with great SaaS websites revolutionizing how businesses operate. These best SaaS websites offer many tools and services, catering to diverse business needs ranging from project management to customer support. This exploration of the best SaaS websites aims to inform and inspire you to find an effective SaaS solution tailored to your business needs.

What are SaaS websites?

SaaS websites refer to web-based applications that provide subscription services, enabling users to access various products and services online. These offerings can range from software applications to web hosting solutions. Typically, SaaS platforms are cloud-based, meaning user data is stored on remote servers instead of locally on their devices. 

What are B2B SaaS websites?

A B2B (Business-to-Business) SaaS website offers cloud-based software solutions specifically designed for business needs such as project or customer relationship management. When it comes to SaaS websites, keep them relevant and avoid personal opinions or experiences and irrelevant information outside the scope of SaaS websites.

7 Best SaaS Websites To Inspire You

With a wide array of SaaS websites, choosing the right ones can significantly impact business success. Explore seven of the best SaaS websites businesses can leverage to enhance efficiency and achieve their objectives.

1. Jasper's AI Writing Tool

AI writing assistants are the talk of the town, so let’s start off with the OG, Jasper. It is an AI writing assistant which comes equipped with an array of powerful features that cater to marketers and businesses seeking efficient and high-quality content creation. Let’s discuss all the cool elements its domain has that make it one of the best SaaS websites. 

Jasper's AI Writing Tool
  • Interactive Main Heading: This has got to be the best. Though you will find many marketers saying to keep the heading simple, this SaaS website makes a brave move by having four different headlines. By creating an interactive element at the start of the homepage, Jasper already captures your attention.
  • Video Explaining Everything: If the heading wasn’t enough, you are invited to watch a fun video that explains the whole point of the SaaS effortlessly is all you need on your homepage to capture the audience’s interest.
  • The Beautiful Footer: Take a moment to appreciate this SaaS website's amazing footer. It is clean and structured and has all the required links shared. 
  • Sticky Navigation Bar: The navigation bar at the top sticks throughout the website whether you go up or down and gives easy access to all the other pages. If you want to try the tool, it has drop-down menus and CTA buttons.

Check out our video about how you can use AI to create a landing page marketing campaign and learn the prompts you need:

2. HubSpot: The Ultimate Marketing Platform

HubSpot is a prime example of an all-in-one platform. It offers a wide array of services, including CRM, sales hub, marketing hub, marketing, and service hubs, providing everything from creating campaigns easily to tracking leads and sales efficiently; HubSpot is a holistic solution for marketers. 

Hubspot has been in the game for over a decade and long which is easily visible on its website.

HubSpot one of the best saas websites
  • Homepage: Their homepage is the perfect web page to understand what a homepage needs to succeed. It has a kick-ass hero section and spreads social proof, including stats, videos, trust badges, short yet effective briefs about all the services, a dive into the latest blog posts, and more. The homepage gives the exact glimpse of what all Hubspot is capable of.

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  • Service Page: All their service pages contain the respective software’s images and related videos to make it easier for visitors to understand use cases and how to utilize the services best.

  • Resources Section: Great marketing tools are just one of the things Hubspot is famous for. One of the website’s prime center of attraction is its blog section. Hubspot has training courses and blog posts that are one of the most reliable resources available to learn about marketing.

    Such content authority is established by constantly sharing valuable information with your audience, and Hubspot hits the spot for this. 

3. Mural's Brainstorming Techniques

Mural is a digital workspace that facilitates team brainstorming and idea sharing. It provides interactive whiteboards where teams can collaborate on projects or problem-solving sessions in real time. Their SaaS website is definitely noteworthy.

Mural's example for Best SaaS Websites
  • To-the-Point: Everything on this website is on-point. The copy is well-balanced with the designs and backgrounds. Services pages are short and share all the information required for the user to continue their buyer journey further down the sales funnel.  
  • Coolest Transition: On its homepage, Mural has a big CTA button at the end which might look odd at the start. But the second you put your hover over the button, the whole display changes into the SaaS interface, and the user can get a glimpse of what it would be like to work within the software. One of the coolest transitions on a SaaS website. 
CTA button Transition
Mural CTA button Transition

4. Trello for Project-Management 

Trello is a popular web-based project management and collaboration tool that uses a visual board-based approach to help individuals and teams organize tasks and projects. It's known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility in managing tasks and workflows.

Trello home page ( best saas website example )
  • Pricing: Trello’s pricing section is present on several of its crucial pages, and its simplicity is why it works. The pricing section is small and has a small calculator for enterprises wanting to have more users. 
Trello’s pricing section
  • Navigation Bar: If you have many pages and are looking for a clean way to plan your navigation bar, then this SaaS website can inspire you. A well-designed navigation bar can significantly enhance user experience and make it easier for visitors to navigate your website. Trello’s nav bar is a good example. 

5. ActiveCampaign: A Marketing Automation Tool

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that provides a range of tools for businesses to manage customer relationships, automate marketing tasks, and improve engagement with their audience. It's commonly used for email marketing, marketing automation, customer segmentation, and CRM.

Let’s talk about some cool features of ActiveCamapign’s SaaS website.

ActiveCampaign one of the best saas website examples
  • Sharing Use Cases: The first section of the homepage directly talks about the top three use cases the SaaS can be used for, giving users direct insights. This section further takes the user to a dedicated page that talks about the use cases and how the SaaS will benefit them in-depth, which makes up for a convincing sales pitch. 
top three use cases of ActiveCampaign
  • SaaS-in-action: ActiveCampaign has tactfully placed its SaaS in action on all its pages, making visitors more familiar with the SaaS and its interface. 
  • Showcasing the Right USPs: For a good marketing automation tool, it is crucial that it can get synched with various other tech a business might be using. ActiveCampaign understands this and showcases that their tool is compatible with over 900+ other tools. And that is how you highlight your USP.
ActiveCampaign USP

6. Typeform: People-Friendly Forms and Surveys

Typeform is a versatile online survey platform that offers various features to help businesses and individuals create engaging and interactive surveys. Here are some standout features of Typeform’s website:

Typeform homepage
  • Minimalist Aesthetics: If you are looking for a minimalist SaaS website inspiration, then Typeform’s website is a must-check out. If you are thinking of building a single-page website or product-launch page, then this website can help you set some benchmarks. 
  • The Best Demo: Typeform gives you a quick demo of their SaaS capabilities by integrating an interactive experience on their homepage. It contains a simple tutorial on how to design forms on the SaaS and what features it offers users

7. Zapier's Effective Integrations

Zapier offers efficient integration capabilities that connect your favorite apps so they can work better. With Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration, saving valuable time for more critical tasks.

Zapier - best saas website
  • Detailed Navigation Bar: Zapier has smartly divided its navbar into three sections that will not only help users to explore the website but also help them explore it according to their pain points. The three sections, by role, workflow, and company size, help users easily decide which page they would like to go next on the website.
Zapier Detailed Navigation Bar
  • A Unique Page: As Zapier is an integration platform, the first question that users might have is whether it integrates their tools. So, Zapier created a unique page to solve this FAQ. A dictionary-like page on Zapier’s website allows you to look at all the apps it can integrate in alphabetical order. 
Zapier unique page to solve FAQ

Optimize Your SaaS Website for Conversions

It is true that the digital landscape is filled with SaaS applications that have revolutionized business operations. SaaS websites offer subscription-based services, enabling users to access various online products and tools.

From project management to customer support, the best SaaS websites cater to diverse business needs, providing efficient and innovative solutions. So it becomes crucial to make your SaaS website stand out from others. 

With the examples discussed above, we came across some unique features that various SaaS businesses have added to their website, making the user experience better and more interactive. Optimizing your SaaS website is the first step towards making such similar experiences. 

To make things easier, I have created a SaaS website checklist to make things easier for you. You can check it out here: 


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