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How to Use Deals in ActiveCampaign The Right Way

Are you tired of manually managing your sales pipeline and missing out on potential clients? By understanding how to use deals in ActiveCampaign, this marketing problem can get fixed right away.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation tool that can help streamline your sales processes and boost revenue. One of the standout features of ActiveCampaign is the ability to create deals, which allows businesses to track their sales cycles and manage conversions.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the importance of having a sales plan before creating deals with ActiveCampaign and how this tool can help optimise your sales pipeline for maximum efficiency.

Let’s get started with an essential question.

What are Deals in ActiveCampaign?

Deals are more than just potential sales – they’re opportunities to turn qualified leads into paying customers. Rather than letting leads languish in your database, ActiveCampaign’s deals feature enables you to track them as they move through your sales pipeline.

However, it’s crucial to clearly understand what qualifies a lead before creating a deal. While lead scoring is a commonly used qualification method, other options are available. ActiveCampaign’s segment builder provides a variety of ways to filter and identify qualified leads.

Once a deal is created, it’s assigned to a team member who monitors and manages its progression through different stages in your pipeline. With this deals feature, you can streamline your sales process and focus on the most promising leads, increasing your chances of closing more leads and growing your business.

Things You Need Before Buiding Deals in ActiveCampgin

Two things will help you execute deals more efficiently in ActiveCampaign, which are the following:

1. A Sales Pipeline

Pipelines are a series of stages a lead progresses through as they move toward a desired outcome. For example, a sales pipeline should include stages like “Prospecting,” “Qualifying,” “Proposing,” and “Closing,” while a project management pipeline might include stages like “planning,” “execution,” and “delivery.” Such pipelines allow businesses to map out their marketing & sales processes and workflows.

A Sales Pipeline

Pipelines help businesses stay organised and focused on achieving their goals by clearly representing where each lead or customer is. Additionally, pipelines can be customised to fit the specific needs of each business, making them a versatile and powerful tool for managing everything from sales to customer support to project management.

On the ActiveCampaigns deals dashboard, you build pipelines to track every lead in your pipeline.

2. Lead Scoring Model

A lead scoring model is a system businesses use to determine the level of interest a potential customer (a lead) has in their products or services. The model assigns points to various actions or characteristics of the lead, such as job title, company size, website visits, email opens, and downloads, to name a few.

It aims to identify the leads that are most likely to become customers so that businesses can focus their efforts on those with the highest potential value. By assigning scores to different criteria, companies can identify which leads are most engaged and active in the buying process and can tailor their sales and marketing efforts accordingly.

ActiveCampaign offers an effective lead scoring system that you can use to make your deals automated. Here the lead score is termed “deal value”.

Lead Scoring Model From ActiveCampaign

How to Use Deals in ActiveCampaign?

In ActiveCampaign, you can create deals in two ways:

a. Manual Deals

Adding deals manually is a straightforward process that can be done with just a few clicks. To get started, you simply need to click on one of the buttons that bring up the “Add Deal” window. From there, you can give the deal a name, assign it a value, choose the pipeline and stage it belongs to, and designate the responsible user who will be notified of updates.

Finally, you can add the relevant contacts’ information to the deal. This process is especially simple on a smaller scale, making it easy for businesses to start managing their sales pipelines.

b. Automated Deals

To streamline the deal creation process, you can automate it through ActiveCampaign’s automation builder. This builder allows you to create automation corresponding to your sales pipelines and other business operations.

ActiveCampaign's automation builder

By setting specific criteria for contact entry, such as a lead score above 80, contacts that meet those criteria will automatically enter the automation. To manage and track those contacts in your CRM, you can create a deal for each one that enters the automation. It is where automated deal creation comes in handy, as it saves enormous time and effort.

There are two ways to add deals to automation. The first way is to click the plus sign at the point in the automation where you want to add a deal.

It will bring up the “Add new action” window. From there, click “CRM” and then “Add deal.” In the “Add a Deal” window, you can name the deal, assign it a value, and determine which pipeline stage and persona it belongs to.

When you add a deal to automation in ActiveCampaign, you set it up to create deals automatically for every contact meeting the automation’s criteria. It means deals record each contact’s entry into the pipeline and all their actions as they progress through it.

Ready to Build Your Pipeline

The deals feature in ActiveCampaign allows every business to streamline its marketing and sales processes. With deal automation, many leads can be moved in the sales pipeline without manual interventions, saving time and effort.

Every marketing campaign must be aligned with a pipeline in ActiveCampaign where the acquired contact information of the lead can be turned into a deal and followed up at the right time.

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Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure

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