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Best ChatGPT Headlines Prompt Templates For Landing Pages

Knowing ChatGPT headline prompts makes it easier to create conversion-friendly landing pages. 

Your landing page hero section is made up of three things: headline, subheadline, and hero image. All three together make or break whether a visitor will scroll through your page or not. As the average attention span of people keeps shrinking, your headlines need to be more sharper and clearer. Here, you need to use AI tools to save you time and money. 

And what could be a better option than ChatGPT?

However, writing good GPT prompts to create catchy headlines is not easy. You need a well-defined framework that gets you quick results. 

Here’s a quick guide to how I use ChatGPT to create headlines and subheadlines along with templates so that you can use the old copywriting frameworks in a better way. I will also be sharing some examples and giving a clear walkthrough of how you can use my templates to maximize the impact of your copywriting. 

Let’s start with headlines. 

How To Write Headlines With ChatGPT?

First off, let’s talk about what a headline does on a landing page. Your headline isn't just a bunch of words at the top of the page; it’s the hook that captures attention and convinces potential customers to stick around.

Think of your headline as a promise of transformation. It’s not just listing a product or service, but highlighting the significant changes it’ll bring into the user’s life. 

Now, I know what you might be thinking—how do I come up with these headlines? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are tried and tested frameworks that can guide you.

ChatGPT Headline Prompt Framework

I've created a concise guide for you to bookmark. It features ten headline copywriting frameworks, along with ChatGPT prompts to help you apply these frameworks in crafting headlines for your next project.

Let’s discuss how the prompts work:

The first thing we have are ten popular copywriting frameworks with their definitions, ideal usage scenarios, and an example to make things clearer. 

ChatGPT Headline Prompt Framework

This is followed by a prompt format to help you create ten headlines based on the different copywriting frameworks shared in the table.

prompt format to help you create ten headlines

Enough talks, let’s see this framework and prompt in action. Let’s focus on a CRM brand for small businesses that I would like to write a heading for. Here is the prompt:

framework and prompt in action

It is crucial to fill in all the details about the product as accurately as possible because it will allow ChatGPT to create more highlight the USPs of the product. 

ChatGPT prompt to create more highlight the USPs of the product

Within seconds, you will have at least ten impactful headlines for your landing pages. 

How Do You Write Subheadlines With ChatGPT?

Let’s now focus on a crucial element of landing pages that can significantly boost your conversion rates: the sub-headline. Craft subheadings that complement your headline and persuade visitors to take action

First, let's clarify what a subheading is. It's the text that appears just below your main headline. While your headline grabs attention, the subheading's job is to draw the reader in further, providing a bit more detail about what you’re offering and why it's valuable.

As we explore how to use various frameworks to craft a compelling headline, let's dive into how to create a powerful sub-heading that complements and enhances your headline.

Choosing the right pair is crucial for reinforcing your message and driving your audience to action. 

ChatGPT Subheadline Prompts Framework

Here’s a comprehensive table created by ChatGPT showing effective pairings of headline and sub-heading frameworks. This table will help you strategically pair your headline with a subheading that complements and intensifies the message, ensuring your communications are compelling.

table created by ChatGPT showing effective pairings of headline and sub-heading frameworks

If you want the copywriting framework pairings to be more simplified, here’s another table in that format:

copywriting framework pairings

A quick note: Avoid requesting too many pairings in ChatGPT, as this can lead to confusion and result in similar responses for different pairings.

Let’s put the first table of pairing into action. I am using the previous example that I used for headlines. Here’s the prompt:

ChatGPT prompt example that used for headlines

ChatGPT gave a table full of headlines and subheadlines that can be tweaked a little and used on landing pages.

table full of headlines and subheadlines

Best Practices For Crafting Headlines With ChatGPT 

Creating effective prompts for ChatGPT can significantly enhance the quality and relevance of the generated headlines and subheadlines. Here are key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Be Clear and Specific

Including background information about the product, service, or topic helps ChatGPT understand the context better, resulting in more relevant outputs.

You can’t provide vague prompts like “write a headline for a CRM” and imagine that ChatGPT will come up with the most engaging and unique answer. 

Vague prompts like “write a headline for a CRM”

You need to specify the target audience to ensure that the generated headlines resonate with the intended readership. The clarity in prompts sets clear expectations and helps ChatGPT produce more accurate and tailored headlines and subheadlines.

2. Don’t Over-Prompt

When you’re re-prompting, it is crucial to mention what you exactly didn’t like in the previous results. As typing “I don’t like it”, or “No, change it”, might be a bit unclear for it to produce anything new and it might just rephrase the whole result.  

After you’re done re-prompting ChatGPT for a long time and the answers have become repetitive, I would suggest starting a fresh thread.

3. Set the Tone and Style

By specifying whether you prefer a formal, casual, authoritative, or friendly tone, you enable ChatGPT to tailor its output accordingly. 

Set the Tone and Style

Additionally, indicating any stylistic preferences, such as using humor, being straightforward, or adopting a promotional tone, helps ensure that the generated headlines align with your brand's voice and messaging.

Create Best ChatGPT Headlines With The Right Prompts

You're now equipped with the knowledge to create headlines and sub-headlines that not only draw attention but also drive action. Remember, the power of a great headline is its ability to speak directly to your audience's needs and motivate them to explore what you have to offer.

Before we wrap up, I want to remind you that all the resources and ChatGPT prompts we discussed today are available here:

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Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure
Waseem Bashir
CEO of Apexure

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